best dog parks in hoboken

Do you have a pooch? If so, you’ve probably considered taking your dog to Hoboken’s dog parks. There are many reasons why people love going to the park with their dogs. It’s fun for both owner and pet, it gets them exercise and fresh air, and it can also help build a stronger bond between the two of you. Plus, it just feels great to be around other people who love animals!

Here are some of the best spots in town for taking your pup on an afternoon excursion:

LaSalle Dog Park

LaSalle Dog Park is a fenced-in area with grass and dirt, which makes it ideal for dogs who like to dig. The park is located at the corner of LaSalle and Grand streets, in Hoboken’s southwest section. It has ample parking nearby and is open from 8 AM until dusk seven days a week.

Dogs must be leashed at all times while inside LaSalle Dog Park; failure to do so could result in fines between $200 and $1,000 according to city ordinance 11-1702(c). Also prohibited: aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans; fighting with other pets; digging up plants; chasing wildlife or bicycles on park grounds; leaving waste behind after your pet has been walked around its designated areas (this includes feces).

Elysian Park

Located on the corner of Hudson st and Frank Sinatra dr, Elysian Park is a small but well-kept green space that offers a variety of activities for dogs and their owners alike. The park itself is made up of grassy fields, with a few trees and benches lining the perimeter. There are also several dog waste stations that are regularly cleaned by volunteers.

In addition to being a safe place for dogs to run off-leash, Elysian Park also hosts various events throughout the year, such as meetups for walkers, training classes and more. If you see one happening when you visit or about to happen soon, be sure not to miss out!

Church Square Park

  • Church Square Park is located on Willow Street in Downtown Hoboken. It’s a great place to bring your dog because it has:

  • Plenty of green space and trees for your dog to run around in.

  • The park is big enough for a lot of dogs but not too big that he’ll get lost or bored (see below).

  • A water fountain for you and your dog to use on hot days.

Stevens Park

Stevens Park is a great destination for dog lovers who live in or around Hoboken. The park has a large off-leash dog area, as well as an enclosed dog park that’s perfect for smaller dogs.

The park is located at Stevens Avenue and Ninth Street, just south of the Stevens Institute of Technology campus. The main entrance to the park is on 15th Street between Willow Avenue and Garden Street (near the intersection of 14th Street).

This is probably one of the most popular parks in Hoboken because it’s close to downtown and easily accessible by public transportation. The closest bus stops are on 14th Street at Willow Avenue or Garden Street/Wilton Avenue; you can also get there by taking either Bus #126 from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. Parking near this location can be difficult; we recommend using public transit if possible!

Southwest Park | 58 Jackson Street

Southwest Park is one of the best dog parks in Hoboken, with a “small-to-medium” size that’s comfortable for both large and small dogs. Just like all other Hoboken dog parks, Southwest Park requires that all dogs be leashed when entering and leaving the park, vaccinated and spayed/neutered, well-behaved, and not allowed to bring food or drink into the park grounds.

If you’re looking for a place where your pup can run off-leash without worrying about traffic or other dangers (like aggressive dogs), this may not be the best choice for you. However, it’s great if you want to socialize your pup with other furry friends while being able to keep an eye on them at all times

Viaduct Park Dog Park

The Viaduct Dog Park is Hoboken’s newest dog park, featuring a small field and lots of trees for shade. It’s located between Madison st and 14th Street. The park is open from 9 AM to 4 PM every day and has a separate area for large dogs.

If your dog isn’t on-leash yet, take him/her with you so they can get used to being off-leash before entering the park!

Here are the best dog parks in Hoboken.

  • LaSalle Dog Park, located on Adams Street and Jackson Street in Hoboken, is an off-leash dog park. The park contains two separate areas: an area for large dogs and an area for small dogs. Both sections are equipped with pet waste stations and benches, allowing you to take a break from playing or watching your pet play!

  • Elysian Park is located at 14th & Washington Streets in Hoboken, NJ. Elysian Park is a public space where you can enjoy many activities such as walking your dog, reading on one of the benches or just spending time outside with your family! This park also has access ramps that have been built so people who need them can get around easier while visiting the park! If you don’t live near this area but still want to enjoy what it has too offer then check out our article on Hoboken Parks as there may be other good places closer by like Hudson River Waterfront Walkway which provides scenic views along Hudson River Waterfront Walkway paths while also being able to walk around safely with your pup (or yourself). It even features rest areas where people can sit down if desired since many times walking long distances can get exhausting especially during hot summer days when temperatures rise up high enough where even humans feel exhausted just standing there without moving much at all; let alone having something else weighing them down even further like carrying something heavy such as groceries bags etcetera).


If you’re looking for a way to bond with your four-legged friend, then it’s time to head on over to one of these dog parks. You might even find yourself meeting some new friends!